Own the journey

The technology to deliver mobility services at scale is already here. Our mission is to make mobility services the first choice worldwide. We help the leading transportation providers to bring it to the masses and own the journey.


New Trafi & BVG’s All-in-One Mobility App Jelbi Goes Live in Berlin


Enhance existing mobility service

Expand existing mobility services offering by using modules of our mobility engine

Launch new mobility service

Build new mobility services from scratch on top of Trafi mobility engine.

Powering leading mobility
companies & cities

Full platform capabilities

Our platform combines all mobility options to work as a single solution

Public transport

Integrate, enhance and manage public transport information, ETA predictions and ticketing solutions.

Transport operations

Operate and manage all types of ondemand fleets with our tailor made operation management solutions.


Provide personalized multimodal routing suggestions that combine  all transport types, based on real time city movement data and personal preferences.

On-demand service

Integrate any type of on demand service from electric scooters to vehicle pooling using Trafi’s on-demand management modules.

User and payments

Allow your customers to register and pay for all mobility services with one account only. Choose  from various pricing models to build a business case for your service.

App white label

Launch and operate a mobility service at scale by using the full scope of Trafi’s engine and white label modules.

Our approach

The Trafi mobility platform is a result of our ongoing experience of running and developing mobility services. We have operated the Trafi mobility service for eleven years.

Our collected  experience has given us a deep understanding of user needs, urban planning and mobility service as a business. By being customers of our own platform, high demands and expectations ensure relentless development, where we constantly innovate and improve our technology.

People are talking

"In Berlin, there’s now one app to access every mode of transportation"


"Mobility platform Trafi is launching a new multimodal mobility app called Jelbi in partnership with BVG"


“Partnering with Trafi, Lyft brings public transit options to their app. Riders can now choose between different combinations of transport. It's a move to eliminate the issues with the first or last mile”


“Lyft now integrates public transit info in app, powered by Trafi”

“Trafi makes it easy to get around the city without private cars and also provides the city administration with so much data that it is currently fundamentally changing its traffic planning”


“Trafi shares data with the city. It then uses them to widen traffic routes, move traffic lights or cross roads. After all, it now knows what kind of traffic is available, when and where. The goal is to further individualize traffic with the help of Big Data.”