Enhance an existing mobility service

Most commuters use multiple services to move around the city. Expand your existing ride hailing, car sharing or other on demand services by adding and managing more types of transportation.


Powering leading mobility
companies & cities

Lead the industry

Integrate public transport

Provide accurate real time public transport information and ETA predictions. Inform users about any disruptions to their journey. Introduce possibilities to purchase  various types of tickets. Manage all mobility  services with powerful editors and software tools.

Add state-of-the-art multimodal routing

Help users  to compare different travel options with multimodal routing. Combine any transport type into relevant recommendations based on real time city movement information, weather conditions, personalised preferences and more. Trafi currently has patents pending for routing algorithms in the US and Europe.

Operate new transport types

Launch and operate ride hailing, scooter, bike or vehicle sharing services using Trafi’s mobility platform in just weeks. Monetize your fleets and maximize mobility business performance through integrated technology support.

Integrate third party on demand services

Integrate and maintain any third party transport services. Provide information and allow users to directly pay for rides. Ensure stability and reduce time to launch new services.

See Full Scale

Pick any of the applications or check full platform capabilities to upgrade your service.


Building Business with
Trafi platform

Fast deployment and scale

We have outside the box solutions to expand your mobility service. Launch new cities or transport types in no time and beat the competition.

Highly customizable

Each business is unique. Use any platform component or feature to enhance your existing service. Every component works perfectly well together or apart.

Ensure quality of new offerings

We know that you spend years perfecting your core offering. Ensure the same quality and stability with new transport types.

Enhance existing mobility service

Expand existing mobility services offering by using modules of our mobility engine

Launch new mobility service

Build new mobility services from scratch on top of Trafi mobility engine.

People are talking

“Trafi makes it easy to get around the city without private cars and also provides the city administration with so much data that it is currently fundamentally changing its traffic planning”


“Trafi shares data with the city. It then uses them to widen traffic routes, move traffic lights or cross roads. After all, it now knows what kind of traffic is available, when and where. The goal is to further individualize traffic with the help of Big Data.”