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mobility service

The only way people will consume mobility will be through using mobility services. Whether you are a car manufacturer or transit agency, transform your business to stay ahead of  the  industry transformation.


Powering leading mobility
companies & cities

Drive the change

Integrate any transport type to complete your mobility service

Add any type of public and on demand transport option to your mobility service.

Provide the option to pay for any transport mode

Offer the possibility to conduct  transactions within the same app for any transport mode you decided to integrate to your service.

Compare different transport types

Help people compare different travel options with multimodal routing. Combine any transport types or a combination of several modes into relevant recommendation in real time.

Operate your own transport service

Run your own transport ride hailing or vehicle sharing services and integrate them seamlessly  to your existing mobility service.

Manage user account and payments

Help users to create an account to access  various providers, everything being GDPR compliant and encrypted. Also decide  on an individual  pricing scheme to balance your business model.

Use Trafi UI experience as white label

Leverage more than a decade of Trafi’s crafted user experience for developing and running  mobility services. Build a full application or choose the  specific solutions  you want to use.

Receive support and consultancy on running a mobility service company

Do you have any questions on how to estimate a business model, build teams, and processes to operate a mobility service? We are happy  to share our experience and knowhow.

Enhance existing mobility service

Expand existing mobility services offering by using modules of our mobility engine

Launch new mobility service

Build new mobility services from scratch on top of Trafi mobility engine.

See Full Scale

Pick any of the applications or check full platform capabilities to upgrade your service.


Building Business with
Trafi platform

Launch a mobility service within weeks months

We have outside the box solutions to launch customised mobility services solutions

Complete solution from one partner

Integrate any transport type, operated through your own service. Get the complete solution  from one partner - Trafi.

Know-how of running a consumer mobility service

Leverage Trafi’s experience of  running a  consumer facing mobility service,get tools and knowhow to improve your business.

People are talking

“Trafi makes it easy to get around the city without private cars and also provides the city administration with so much data that it is currently fundamentally changing its traffic planning”


“Trafi shares data with the city. It then uses them to widen traffic routes, move traffic lights or cross roads. After all, it now knows what kind of traffic is available, when and where. The goal is to further individualize traffic with the help of Big Data.”