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Integrate public transport

Integrate an ETA predictions engine, public transport information management software and ticketing platform.

Static data

  • Accurate and detailed representation of public transport core data.
  • Use Trafi’s state-of-the-art public transport editor for immediate changes and enhancements.
  • Gather all transit data information from various sources to add all the available transportation lines.
  • Adjust stop locations to match precise points of access.
  • Mark stops and stations’ entrances and exits.
  • Customise names and icons as  familiar to local commuters.
  • Monitor and update all changes in the city including schedules, lines, stops, routes, etc.
  • Provide information to display from various angles: stop, schedule, track, run, etc.
  • Support various types of public transport pricing for different cities.

Disruptions and events

  • Inform users about any changes to their journey
  • Automatically post about traffic jams.
  • Allow users to post relevant crowdsourced information to improve quality of the service.
  • Control exactly what event or effect of the disruption (is it stop, track or whole schedule).

Real-time data

  • Show public transport information  in real time
  • Provide real time ETA predictions, calculated by our own unique algorithms and adjusted from historical statistical data.
  • Display real time vehicle position on the map or track vehicle movement.
  • Display traffic jam information based on public transport movement.
  • Adjust static data automatically based on real-time information.
  • Identify any traffic disruptions and congestion.
  • Monitor real time quality of the data.


  • Allow users to buy tickets within your app
  • Integrate any type of mobile ticketing.
  • Monitor transactions and conversion rates.
  • All public transport management features are compatible and interconnected with other platform products: they will automatically reflect in route suggestions, user account, payment modules or white label solutions.


Combine any transport type into multimodal route suggestions

Transport and information

  • Integrate any public transport type.
  • Integrate any on demand transport type.
  • Include static, real time and pricing information.
  • Include external factors like traffic, disruptions, weather conditions.
  • Combine multiple transport types into one route suggestion (ex. Walk-> bike sharing -> metro -> walk).

Rich functionality

  • Enable the planning of future journeys
  • Calculate  uncertainty of route predictability, inconvenience of transfers and other factors.
  • Identify areas of improvement by collecting feedback from users.
  • Monitor popular routes and user preferences.
  • Group routes into sets.

Personalisation and localisation

  • Localise and customise to a different city specifics.
  • Create separate set of criteria for different user groups.
  • Personalise routes for individuals by transport type, price and convenience preferences.

On demand service

Integrate any on demand service


  • Unified model for any transport type and variations.
  • Integrate any ride hailing service.
  • Integrate any car sharing service.
  • Combine multiple transport types into one route suggestion (ex. Walk-> bike sharing -> metro -> walk).


  • Monitor the stability of integrations.
  • Be notified if integrated services are down or errors appear.
  • Track the consumption and trip history.
  • Provide discounts and promotions.

Transport operations

Operate any on demand service yourself

Ride hailing operations

  • Automatic driver registration and billing process.
  • Driver application to receive requests and complete journeys.
  • Monitor trips and drivers in real time.
  • Analyse user feedback,complaints and react with a support tool.
  • Demand and supply matching functionalities.
  • Monitor quality metrics of your service.

Vehicle sharing operations

  • Automatically integrate with other platform products like routing and user account and payments.

User & Payments

Allow your users to pay for all transport types with one account

User account

  • Multiple account verification method support.
  • Add custom verification method.
  • Show trip history for users.
  • Track user behaviour and personalise the experience.
  • Store user data in GDPR compliant way.
  • Monitor quality metrics of your service.


  • Multiple payment provider support.
  • Support various pricing models from pay as you go, to bundles and subscriptions.
  • Optimisations for saving on transaction cost.
  • Automatic fulfilment for transport partners.
  • Monitor quality metrics of your service.


  • Ability to set spending budget.
  • Multiple accounts for families with different allowance budgets.
  • Allowance management tool for B2B clients.

Support tool

  • Track user payment history.
  • Detect fraudulent transactions.
  • React to user complaints.

App white label

Launch a mobility service without any development

Complete flows

  • We offer complete flows to build mobility service
  • Route search flow
  • Public transport information flow
  • Ride hailing flow
  • Car sharing flow
  • Bike sharing flow
  • Transport map
  • Onboarding
  • Account creation and settings


  • Add your branding
  • Localise transport depiction
  • Select features to add to your service
  • Use full white label solution to use custom flows or elements

Rich design system

  • UI built on design system
  • App event tracking included in each component

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Expand existing mobility services offering by using modules of our mobility engine

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Build new mobility services from scratch on top of Trafi mobility engine.